The new story of migration is close to home


At the Ashoka Changemaker Summit, social entrepreneurs put personal journeys at the front of a movement.

Since 1970, the number of people living in a country other than where they were born has tripled. Whether seeking better opportunity or fleeing natural disaster, conflict, or climate change, migrants usually face a host of challenges — in their new home, the home they left behind, and in the journey along the way. Time and time again, they’ve responded to those challenges with innovative solutions that change society for the better. It’s no wonder that when migration to Europe trended upward, entrepreneurialism in the region skyrocketed.

Yet too often, migrants are not seen as changemakers, but as people to be helped. How do we shift the narrative? And how can people from different backgrounds break barriers together? Ashoka’s Maria Merola, co-director of Hello World, spoke with four leaders: Alejandro DalyAnalsabel Valarino, Sergio Saravia, and Mariana Brilhante. Watch the full session here

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