The future of healthcare is powered by community


At the Ashoka Changemaker Summit, social entrepreneurs reimagine healthcare and access

Living through a global pandemic has already driven dramatic shifts in the healthcare industry, and more shifts are underway. How do we ensure everyone has access to care? What do resilient healthcare systems look like? And how can we shift more power to the communities these systems seek to serve?

Social entrepreneurs are challenging us to think outside the traditional health clinic — with creative solutions to decentralize care, equip community health workers, and reconnect human health with our natural ecosystems. At the Ashoka Changemaker Summit, Ashoka’s Yeleka Barrett, Making More Health global healthcare partnership manager, speaks with Neo Hutiri, founder of TechnoveraDorica Dan, Founder of the National Alliance for Rare Diseases in Romania, and David Strelneck, founder of Nourish^n. You can watch the full conversation here.

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