The Ashoka Changemaker Summit

The Ashoka Changemaker Summit (ACMS) is Ashoka’s largest and most visible gathering of social innovators, where we connect our vast community of world-leading social entrepreneurs, young changemakers and leaders from business and philanthropy to advance together in our systemic approach to build an everyone a changemaker world.


Our Summits to Date

The Ashoka Changemaker Summit was born in Berlin in 2018. Since then, we have scaled the project globally and organised three annual gatherings:

The Ashoka Changemaker Summit 2020 was the first global online gathering. Attended by 3.300 people and generated more than 100 hours of contents.

The Ashoka Changemaker Summit 2019 was the second European gathering, where many opportunities were created for Ashoka's closest community and the 51 million people impacted.

This was the first Changemaker Summit organized. Ashoka gathered leading social entrepreneurs from European countries in Berlin, Germany. They represent the future of system-changing social innovation in Europe.

Why Ashoka?

Ashoka is the largest network of leading social entrepreneurs in the world with more than 3.800 Ashoka Fellows driving systemic change for social progress across sectors in over 90 countries.

While there are countless ideas to do good in the world, only a few of these ideas go beyond symptoms and have the real potential to change systems. And even fewer of these ideas are in the hands of an entrepreneur.

This is where Ashoka has its focus: On system-changing social innovators that empower their communities and tackle the root causes of complex problems.