The Summit experience

Every year we put a lot of thought into crafting an enriching experience for you organised in four basic pillars



We celebrate system-changing social innovators and young changemakers from around the world recently included into our network.



We use the Ashoka Changemaker Summit process and its technology to connect with outstanding social entrepreneurs, business leaders and philanthropists.



We learn from each other, deepening our understanding of what drives profound transformation and recognising the need for a culture of changemaking to achieve our goals.



We collaborate for our global community to self-organize and create positive impact.

“I should have skipped all conferences I went to in 2019 and only go to ACMS."

The impact, the leads, the opportunities that came out of it were incredible. It concentrated a huge network of amazing people. So efficient.”
- - -
Arnoud Raskin,
Founder of Mobile School & Ashoka Fellow


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Past Events

A New Togetherness. Ashoka Changemaker Summit 2021 > Turin

Kept apart by a pandemic, we fixed our eyes on the importance of togetherness over the last year. But long before Covid hit, dozens of community-led movements already recognized how togetherness can change our world.

Collective movements have radically shifted global perceptions. Young activists have mobilized for the planet. Women and queer people have joined their voices to build a gender equal world. And in some of the richest countries on earth, historically excluded communities have exposed deep social inequities.

This is a new togetherness. Powered by technology that will allow *everyone* to be part of the conversation. Joining together as changemakers from all backgrounds, we'll show that the ability to shape the future belongs not to just a few, but to all of us.

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Rediscovering Certainty. Ashoka Changemaker Summit 2020 > Online

Social innovation – a key to more certainty? The theme of the Ashoka Changemaker Summit in 2020 was “Rediscovering Certainty”, a concept that brought our community together to reflect on the values that bring certainty to our lives even in times of crisis.

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Ashoka Changemaker Summit 2019 > Barcelona

There is a gap that is widening between people who can and who cannot contribute. At the European Changemaker Summit we are trying to show that the power is in every one of us and that all of us have a contribution to make.

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Ashoka Changemaker Summit 2018 > Berlin

Ashoka gathered 36 leading social entrepreneurs from 16 European countries on May 16th 2018 in Berlin, Germany. They represent the future of system-changing social innovation in Europe.

The summit gave a sneak preview into this future: Europe’s leading social entrepreneurs shared their insights and showcased their solutions, Ashoka contributed with analysis and trends that we see across the continent.

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“The COVID-19 crisis has shown us that now more than ever we need to listen to social entrepreneurs and their solutions, their certainties.”

Many impactful approaches for a resilient future are already there. We are just not yet applying these solutions on a large enough scale. It’s time for action. The power of social entrepreneurs can no longer be ignored.”
- - -
Marie Ringler,
Member of the Global Leadership Group and Leader of Ashoka Europe.